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Clifford Platt

Clifford Platt, a native of the Hudson Valley with multiple generations of farming in his family background, spent much of his childhood on farms. It was in this setting that he developed an early knowledge and experience in general farming practices and in the problems and practicalities of the agriculture industry. Cliff then went to college where he studied engineering and graduated with honors with a Bachelor of Science degree from the College of Environmental Science and Forestry in Syracuse, New York.

He returned to Dutchess County, NY and became an owner in a Hudson Valley agricultural business within two years of graduation. Using his farming background and engineering knowledge he instituted innovations

in the physical plant facility, engaged in farm product development, and increased direct sales of farm product in both local retail and in wholesale markets throughout the east coast corridor. In order to pursue his next venture, Cliff sold his interest in the farm to his partners, which still exists today as a successful, thriving agribusiness operation.

This entrepreneurial time period in agribusiness has been instrumental to his ability to create and collaborate in developing the Farms2tables model. It was this specific experience that established his deep understanding of farm product development and diversification, wholesale marketing and sales, the importance of direct sales to economic viability, distribution logistics, and accounts payable/receivable for the small farmer.

Fulfilling a long held passion to pursue a legal career, Cliff next attended law school, where he was honored to be selected to serve as an editor on Law Review and to have his legal work published. He graduated with honors from Pace Law School in White Plains, NY in 1993. After several years of practice in a large NYC firm, Cliff returned to the Hudson Valley where he is an owner and senior partner in a seven-attorney law firm in Poughkeepsie, NY specializing in litigation and trial practice.

In 2014, Cliff and his business partner Patricia Wind, incorporated Farms2you, LLC, dba Farms2tables. The founding mission of Farms2tables was to employ cutting-edge technology and logistics solutions to create an economically viable model for local food sourcing and distribution in the food supply chain.


Cliff’s legal knowledge, experience and abilities have proven to be a valuable asset to the development and early success of Farms2tables. As a business model that relies heavily on technology to increase efficiencies and replace older, traditional methods of sales transactions, distribution and payment services, Farms2tables must navigate the legal and practical complexities of ecommerce.


Moreover, his years of agribusiness experience has been a deep resource for development of the structural and practical components of the farms2tables system, and a guiding force during the startup phase and for future strategic planning.

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