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Printer Not Working?

1. Check The printer is on

If not, Be sure it is plugged in securely and turn printer on

2. Check your device is connected to the correct Wi-Fi

If not, connect your device to the correct wi-fi. The printer can only be connected to 1 wi-fi netwoek so you must be sure your device is on the same network.

3. Check you Have 2 solid green lights on the printer
If Not, turn printer off for 5 minutes then turn back on. Both lights should be solid green (not blinking).

4. Check your printer has Labels
If not, put Labels in the printer. Sometimes the printer will specifically tell you it is out of labels, other times it won't and it just stops working.

5. Check your Labels are being fed though the machine correctly.
If not, feed the labels correctly through the machine. I know it is stilly, but I've absent-mindedly put more labels in the machine without actually feeding the end of the roll into the machine.

6. Check your label roll holder (the plastic black piece) is snapped all the way together
This can be tricky. Sometimes they can feel like they are alL the way together but are not. It will snap hard together and the legs should be perfectly parallel to each other. If they are not, take it apart and reassemble so they are.

7. Still not working?

Turn the printer off for 5 minutes and also restart your device.

8. If all of the above does not work, email for assistance

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