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Thank you!

Thank you for completing the new account application survey. Please remember that we are only able to add a select number of new accounts to our service each year.

What are the next steps? We will review all new account application surveys in December, January, February. We will contact you in March to let you know if we are able to offer service to your account.

If we are able to extend our service to you, we will schedule a 1 hour phone call to cover the details of our service and answer any questions you might have. Next, we will schedule a 3 hour site visit to tour your establishment, give an in person tutorial and set you up with a wireless barcode printer. Please note that your $200 setup fee will be due prior to scheduling this meeting.

If we are not able to extend our service to you, we will keep you on our list for future consideration. Please understand that many factors are considered and as much as we wish we could work with everyone who applies, we must limit our service in a way that is sustainable for our continued growth.

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